Priscilla Tey is an illustrator and picture book maker. A graduate of  the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), she loves woolgathering, writing stories and being the architect of wonderful worlds that characters wander in. 

Priscilla keeps her sheep obsession at healthy levels and balances that off with her fascination with gnomes. She has a strange affinity for staircases and enjoys people watching. The world is full of strange adventures and stories waiting to be excavated. 

Priscilla currently resides in her native country of Singapore, where she is working on her picture books that are due to be released worldwide in May 2018, under Candlewick Press. 

Clients / Features
Candlewick Press (writer-illustrator) / Spider Magazine, Cricket Media / Art Director's Club (ADC Global) / Asset International / PlanSponsor Magazine / Writers House / The Warehouse Hotel, The Lo & Behold Group / Marcopolo Learning - Editor's Choice on App Store Worldwide / Evan Yionoulis / Illustration Mundo / Illustration Friday / Our RISD / 3x3 Magazine / Society of Illustrators / Society of Illustrators West / Culturepush 

Instagram Handle - @priscitey
Twitter Handle - @priscitey

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