Credits : the Marcopolo Team.
Character Designs and initial inspiration for environments were done by other artists from Marcopolo.

Special Credits to Jinie Choi


During the summer of 2014, I worked at Marcopolo Learning on the company's new app Weather. Weather is a digital sandbox (interactive encyclopaedia) that teaches young children about the science of the weather by allowing them to affect and create their own weather systems. 
Marcopolo Weather on the App Store


Re-Thinking the UI

Refining / expanding the child's experience with the app as well as redesigning the interface such that it is both clean, fun yet suitable for the gamification of learning. 


Asset Design

Assets were created primarily in Vector (adobe illustrator) 
Game environment trees, Tray items, Character Outfits, Pop up windows and the Startscreen background are amongst some of the assets created with co-designer Jinie Choi and other contributors to Marcopolo. 

 - The following Screenshots were taken from the Weather App -