Here is the City of Constance, a lone green pocket in the vastness of an arid, parched and cracked land. Still, Constance is far from lonely. She is in perpetual contact with 3 other cities, of a similar design, yet at the same time she hardly ever is. Constance, like her neighbours, exists on two levels; one on the surface of the land and the other, on a massive wheel that effortlessly suspends itself above that surface with its three  thin arms. At the end of each arm, on the rim of that wheel, are trading centres. Every 6 days, the wheel makes a revolution and every 2 days, its trading centres meet another trading centre from another city. This is how she stays alive. This is how all the cities stay alive. Farming and agriculture are central to the city's trade and function and the choice mode of transportation is on bike.


The Wheel


Domestic Life